Software Coaching

The Challenges
Finding the right company to help you develop your own software is tough. You never know if you’re being blinded by science or baffled by tech jargon. You may not know how to write code, but you do know what you want your technology to do.

Too often, entrepreneurs and business owners get caught in the technology development trap. Even the savviest of you can experience:

  • Budget overruns
  • Deadline blowouts
  • Problems communicating your vision
  • Difficulty working with developers in different time zones, countries and/or languages
  • Getting stuck with what you’re given, not what you want
  • Paying a long line of middlemen, all of whom take a margin

Big secret to tech development
When you know how to manage a software development project, it’s actually not difficult. If you can manage a business, commercialise an idea, or start up a company – you have all the skills you need to develop your own technology.

What you don’t have is a road map on how to do it. Figuring it out yourself is often a timely and costly exercise – one that discourages too many smart people.

Getting the right help – help you can trust
With the right advice, you can successfully manage the development of original technology for your business.

Brett Quinn is helping businesses like yours fast-track their software development projects while reducing your overall costs and keeping you in control of your project.

If you want to learn how to be in control of your own tech projects, Brett is now offering skills transfer opportunities so you can do it yourself. Make no mistake, this is not a DIY offering. Brett is an experienced technology executive who wants to help other entrepreneurs benefit from adding custom technology to their businesses.

After developing more than a hundred pieces of technology and running multiple technology companies – both private and publicly listed organisations – Brett has all the tools, systems and processes in place to painlessly manage a software development project.

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